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NW SC Nats Final Results

Buechler, Nick – Associated SC10 RS
Randolph, Tyler- Losi XXXSCT
Thomas, Tyler- Associated SC10

17.5 Boosted SC
Tristin Harnar- Kyosho SC-R
Tayler Wonders- Associated FT SC10
Rocky Knuth- unknown

Jack Leighan – Associated SC8 Electric Conversion
Woody Garwood- Associated SC8 Electric Conversion
Chuck Turner- Associated SC8 Nitro

4×4 Short Course
Mike Hudson- Associated FT SC10 4×4
Nick Buechler- Associated FT SC10 4×4
Derek Rasheed- Losi SCTE?

2wd Modified SC
Michael Schoettler- Associated FT SC10
John Walentia- Associated FT SC10
Jesse Munn- Kyosho SC-R

SC Buggy
Dan Moehrle- Losi
Scott Steiner- Losi
Bob Babcock- Losi